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Set List

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Annon practicing on a  Paul Reed Smith guitarAnnon is currently writing new music for The Late Show. You will hear Annon's original music along with other cover tunes when the band performs.

Annon explains:  "The music I write is has a direct connection with things that have taken place in my life, and the people through the years that I have come in contact with, good or bad every event has a place in my memory. For me as an artist this is what it's all about. Some of my music is in the form of instrumentals and some songs are with lyrics that tell a story, for example Sleepwalk through H.K. (Hong Kong) central is a instrumental work that reminds me of all the wonderful things I saw while walking the little side back streets in Hong Kong late at night, and the song (Still missing you), is a lyrical work I wrote while in Costa Rica my new travel place."

Annon and The Late Show are currently in the studio recording new material.

A Sample Set List:

1. Superstition: R&B song, by Stevie Wonder

2. No Sunshine: blues-pop song, by Bill Withers

3. Evil Ways: R&B blues jazz song, by Carlos Santana

4. Still Iím Missing You: Pop dance, by Annon

5. Use Me: R&B song, by Bill Withers

6. Requiem Blues: blues song, by Annon

7. Dream Town Blues: blues song, by Annon

8. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Pop dance, by Stevie Wonder

9. Searching for blue skies: Blues, by Annon

10. I keep on crying: Blues pop, by Annon

11.Mister Shady: Instrumental, by Annon

12.Hands on the radio: Dance pop, by Henry L. Summer


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