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About Roderick Annon Warfield:

My love for the guitar started when I was inspired at a young age to play the guitar by my childhood friend, guitarist Sandy Williams. During those first years of guitar study, Sandy was my musical mentor.

But it was studying music at DePauw University that gave me the musical foundation I needed to become a musician capable of playing all styles of music and teaching music and beginning guitar to young kids and adults. DePauw gave me the chance to study music from some of the best teachers in the music world like: David Ott and Randy Salman. I also attended an all-day jazz class with the legendary Professor David Baker; I still have his hand-out notes from the class, with the date 1985 on them.

I have been a guitarist for many road bands performing blues, country, R&B and funk. I was also a studio musician for a small independent commercial studio in the town of Brazil, IN. I played for Henry Lee Summer, (aka Hank Schwartz) during the early phase of his career.

Currently, I am a songwriter and performer in my own band, Annon and The Late Show, (TLS). I also still perform as a stand-in for other bands when needed.

My musical influences are: Wes Montgomery, Carlos Santana, the great Les Paul, Albert King, Jeff Beck, and country guitarist Brad Paisley.

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